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Easy Ways To Start Packing For Your Move

Preparing for a move is often easier said than done. The question we’re all thinking: when should I start packing? Packing early can save you time and hassle, but preparing so far in advance is not always possible. If that sounds like your situation, then try starting with some basic prep work before the moving day arrives—like deciding what needs boxing or which items will make their way into storage until you’re ready for them again later on down the line (which might be months from now).

Make A Plan For Your Packing

Packing for a move can vary depending on circumstance, but as soon as we know it’s actually going to happen, you should start with items that won’t be used for a while: winter clothes in the summer and holiday decorations during the holiday season.

Keep all important belongings in one box and place this box last for easy accessibility. How to pack will differ between a long-distance move or an interior move. A master list and corresponding numbers on boxes with division into categories for breakables, clothes, etc., can be helpful in organizing your items for an interior move. If you have a longer distance to cover other steps may be necessary such as packing food from the fridge

Moving is also a great time to purge things that are no longer needed, broken, or simply wanted. What better time to sort through all of our belongings than when everything is already out of the closets and cupboards?

Organize and Declutter

Before moving, take a look at your belongings to determine what you want and don’t need. Preparing boxes ahead of time ensures that you have enough materials for the move.

There are several ways to dispose of old appliances, clothing and other items. You can sell the things you don’t want for extra cash or donate the item if it is still usable to a local charity. Items can be recycled if they are too worn out. Depending on where you live, the local dump will take many large appliances and other items.

Tips to Make Packing Easier

Be sure to place liquids in a large zip-lock bag or use saran wrap around the opening. Use unconventional padding on fragile objects such as dish towels when packing. Purchasing sturdy boxes can also help you avoid breakages. To find out more about moving check out our articles on how long it takes to pack for a move and how long the whole moving process usually takes. If you’re interested in saving money during your move, we have several tips for keeping your budget intact while making sure all of your possessions arrive at your new home safely.